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Historical Presentations

Discover the Abolitionist roots of Riverton, New Jersey. Experience a Living History Presentation about a “safe house” built in 1851 on the bank of the Delaware River, and learn about the abolitionists who owned this home as well as the role they played during the Civil War era.

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Views of Riverbank Manor

River Manor Legacy

We have formed a 501.c.3. nonprofit corporation. Our goal is to provide an annual academic scholarship to a local student who has demonstrated a sincere interest in the history of our community.

We aim to enhance the educational opportunities for future generations to appreciate the rich history of the Civil War era and the abolitionist movement.

All proceeds from historical presentations go to RIVER MANOR LEGACY NJ A NONPROFIT CORPORATION.

Riverbank Manor

To request information about our educational and living history presentations about the home, its history and residents, please visit our Contact Page.